wordsmith.nl // a.k.a. JamieΒ Lingwood

Copywriter, Transcreator, and Translator in Amsterdam, Netherlands

wordsmith.nl // a.k.a. JamieΒ Lingwood

Copywriter, Transcreator, and Translator in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Do you know what native English speakers really – and I mean really, really – think about the 'English‑language' copy your company's using here in the Netherlands or for English-speaking markets abroad? Do you actually care?

Most are way too polite to tell you to your face, which is why the Netherlands is creaking under the strain of crap English pretty much anywhere you look (or at least where native English speakers look) and why it's proliferating.

Dutch government websites, signage at Schiphol, public transport announcements, publications of all kinds put out by companies of all sizes ... they pretty much all suck! On occasion, it's torture, but more often it's merely a source of hilarity or head-scratching.

The good news is it's easily avoidable and you can stand out from the crowd simply by getting your English-language content right, before your readers:

β¦Ώ leave your website
β¦Ώ delete your email
β¦Ώ ignore your ad campaign
β¦Ώ abandon their shopping cart
β¦Ώ ditch your proposal
– or –
β¦Ώ simply have a good old giggle at your expense

Let's do coffee and discuss how ... and no, the solution doesn't involve getting Kees, the intern who spent the summer working in the US, to create your English-language copy for you. And no, not Marijke either ... I know she got a '9' for HAVO English!


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What clients say about me
I know Jamie to be a critical, conscientious and committed copywriter and translator. Dependable and to the point. It's always a pleasure working with him and I trust him implicitly to produce English copy for us that is both correct and consistent with our company's style and tone of voice.
Peter Hermeling // Bluemonque
Jamie is one of the best and most reliable technical translators I know. He has worked on several projects for us, for one of our real estate clients. He is thorough, punctual, delivers great work, never misses a deadline and is always willing to do more than we requested. I would love to work with Jamie more often – if only we had more clients in real estate...
Astrid Mulder // Multitaal
Jamie is the person to go to in Amsterdam to get your Dutch translated into English. A Dutch client of mine and Jamie's asked me, as a native English speaker living in the Netherlands, to double-check his work… I literally couldn't find fault with it!
Benjamin Arthur // Benjamin Arthur Photography