From waterfall to parallel

Looking for Dutch companies and/or Dutch copywriters open to experimenting!

Inspired by Anouk Perquin, I’m slowly but surely gaining some traction with a new approach to multilingual copy and content among the first of a few new clients.

What I’m doing is just at a micro-level in my own copywriting/transcreation/translation microcosm. For the full shebang or the macro-level perspective, talk to Anouk!

Traditionally, the process of creating multilingual content is a waterfall or cascade:

    ↳ editing
        ↳ proofreading
            ↳ translating
                ↳ editing
                    ↳ proofreading

Time-consuming. Cumbersome. Inefficient. 

(And this is the simplified version! Often, there are more steps. And sometimes it even loops back on itself a few times before completion.)

Where time to market needs to be faster, I’m creating the English copy alongside and in collaboration with the Dutch copywriter – in tandem or in parallel, with the same brief and at the same ‘distance’ from the client.

It creates a certain synergy – developing the copy in two brains in two languages simultaneously improves the final copy in both languages. 

Oh! And don’t forget simultaneous publication in both languages.

French or German up next!

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