Don’t worry about the processcopywriting, transcreation, translation, copy-editing, ghostwriting … – and whether you need a copywriter or a translator. Leave that to me!

Instead, let’s concentrate on the end result – native English copy that lives and breathes your brand’s tone of voice and resonates with your readers.

native english copy

Oh! And by the way, when you hire ‘me’ to create your native, native English copy, you’re actually hiring ‘us’.


The ‘us’ being two native-English-speaking linguists with – between us – 90 years’ immersion in the English language, 50 years’ immersion in the Dutch language, and 40 years’ expertise and experience in Dutch-English translation, transcreation, localization, copywriting, copy-editing, proofreading, terminology, etc.

  • one of us writes/translates
  • the other edits
  • we both proofread

After all, two pairs of eyes are better than one (vierogenprincipe). As are two brains!


So, if you think having your native Dutch interns create your English copy is the best option, because Kees (who spent the summer working in the US) and Marijke (who got a ‘9’ for HAVO English) managed to convince you they’re ‘near-native’, then that’s your prerogative. Knock yourself out!

But for those of you who think we might just actually make a difference, drop me a line and let’s do coffee!

A selection of recent clients who think we make a difference …
… and what they say!

“Jamie is een professional die zegt wat hij doet en doet wat hij zegt en is heel prettig is in de omgang. Hij is erg goed in het neerzetten en bewaken van onze ‘tone of voice’ in het Engels. Kortom niet plat vertalen maar hij is echt scherp op hoe wij willen communiceren met onze klanten omdat vervolgens in het Engels consistent ook zo neer te zetten.”

Jochem Manders

Business Development Manager, AG5

“I know Jamie to be a critical, conscientious and committed copywriter and translator. Dependable and to the point. It’s always a pleasure working with him and I trust him implicitly to produce English copy for us that is both correct and consistent with our company’s style and tone of voice.”

Peter Hermeling

Creative Monque, Bluemonque

“Jamie is one of the best and most reliable technical translators I know. He has worked on several projects for us, for one of our real estate clients. He is thorough, punctual, delivers great work, never misses a deadline and is always willing to do more than we requested. I would love to work with Jamie more often – if only we had more clients in real estate.”

Astrid Mulder

Owner, Multitaal

“Tourism or technical, creative or precise: Jamie always delivers high-quality translations in the style that’s needed for the job. Excellent understanding of the source text and great research skills, paired with total mastery not only of the art of translation, but also of the IT behind it. He’s quick and he’s good, and always adds that little bit extra to his texts that has clients sending their compliments.”

Susan van den Ende

Project Manager